Angular Workshops

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Looking back to my own education I can say with confidence that my best teachers were good communicators, absolutely engaged in their subject and valued both theory and real-world practice. I am also trying to do so.

As an Angular enthusiast, practitioner and a passionate educator I am constantly working on Angular learning classes to share real-world experience I have. Different audiences need different approaches and my aim is to provide knowledge in a custom-tailored manner on your demand.

At the moment I have a variety of online workshops for individuals of different proficiency levels and corporate workshops for dev teams. All the classes may be taken separately or as a course.

For individuals 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Angular Getting Started
Productive Angular Developer

FAQ for individual workshops

For companies 🏢

A guideline of implementing Angular framework, its features and and best practices that give a superior solution of processes and results

To know more about corporate workshops visit Angular Consulting Training page