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Press info

The following information is provided as a cut-and-paste resource for conference organizers, media professionals, podcast hosts, and other interested parties.

Please feel free to use anything here as it is in any promotions. If you have additional questions, you can email me directly at

Yes, I would like to be a guest on your podcast!

My cutting edge expertise will make me the perfect guest on your show! I am punctual, use professional gear, and I am full of great stories about web development, Angular and modern web development. If you would like to book me, email with your pitch and we’ll set up a date.

Short Bio

Aliaksei Kuncevič is on a mission to teach people Angular. He is also organizing an Angular and frontend-related meetups and writes and speaks regularly on Angular-related topics.

Sample Questions for Aliaksei

  1. Why should I use Angular?
  2. How long does it take to learn Angular?
  3. Is Angular as popular as React and Vue?
  4. What library should I use for state management in Angular?
  5. What is the most effective way to learn Angular?

Facts About Aliaksei

  • I am riding Ducati Monster.
  • I was born in Belarus.
  • I know how to play guitar, piano and saxophone.
  • I started using Angular since alpha versions.
  • I have been living in Australia since 2009.
  • Since 2016 I’ve delivered over 20 Angular-related talks (see talks list here).

More words from Aliaksei

  • Check out Aliaksei build where you learn about the trends of the modern Frontend frameworks.
  • Join Angular Minsk meetup organized by Aliaksei in Minsk.
  • Join Frontend Tech meetup organized by Aliaksei in Sydney.

Physical Location

Sydney, Neutral Bay