Looking for an Angular mentor?

Want to become an Angular expert?

There is a large gap between graduating education and starting to work. A former student has a huge amount of knowledge, but no practice to implement it properly. Successful people will certainly recommend getting a mentor in this case.

A mentor is a person who can support, advise and guide a beginner. If you need help in building your first projects, handling roadblocks or avoiding critical pitfalls and flawed architectural decisions, you should definitely find someone to tell you the right direction.

The truth is - it takes time to master Angular and become an expert.

ANGULAR MENTORSHIP by Aliaksei Kuncevic will help you to reach out your goals and will hold you accountable to improve your Angular skills on a weekly basis.

How does it work?

The online course goes for 3 weeks. Each week you will learn a new module and will apply your learnings towards building an app. Every module will be delivered as a video or a hands-on presentation exercise. I will help you if you get stuck and will provide you with all the required tips and tricks.

During the course you will be able to ask any questions, discuss anything related to the course and get support. This program allows you to learn Angular online at your own pace with regular 1-on-1 mentor sessions to make sure you are on the right track.

Who is this for?

This mentorship is for junior full-stack, frontend and backend developers who want to learn Angular. You will know how to think like an Angular expert and how to build Enterprise Angular apps following best practices and top industry standards.

What's inside?

Mentorship course includes:

  • 1 on 1 sessions
  • Industry cases and how to avoid pitfalls
  • Analyzing your work and pair programming
  • How to improve and evolve application architecture
  • Application Performance
  • Authentication and security
  • Redux and state management
  • How to earn money with your applications
  • Learning materials like source code, presentations, etc