Angular Consulting is an Australian based company with a global outreach.

The company was founded in 2018 by Aleksei Kuncevic. It is a story of making a world better and ambitious striving to reach a perfect service with knowledge, experience, hard work and understanding a client.

Everyday we are sharing our competence, helping to solve technical challenges to our clients in a custom-tailored manner. We are working closely with devteams to adapt them to changing environments bringing their technical skills to the next level.

The company is a true Angular evangelist - giving an IT branch various options to one problem based on client specific needs, inspiring tech-people to learn Angular and create high-class solutions choosing Angular. Expertise and experience of our team let the company be an innovator and educator for the sphere.

A mission of the company is stated as the following:

To help a client in a custom-tailored manner of solving his problem and to inspire independent work and development. Still, Angular Consulting will always be there to support and move the client forward.

This means that Angular Consulting has a solid approach to its clients and to business in general. We provide our customers personalized services, exactly what they need.


We put stress on consulting because it is extremely important to research a client's digital position and environment, his needs, paints and goals and to offer a client a clear plan of actions.

Angular Consulting never insists an engineering job must be done by the company, we always give options of advisory or training for technical stuff of the client. We try to inspire dev teams with our consulting and training services to discover Angular as much as possible to see the beauty and logic of the framework.

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